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  • September 1, 2021 Darron Rowley

    Is America Anit-Fragile

    It should be our goal to create internal fortitude against the struggles we will experience.

    The best time to prepare is before they arrive.

    Don’t be afraid to place that stress upon yourself so that you can improve – you can’t become stronger without it.
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  • September 1, 2021 Darron Rowley

    Why You Need Discomfort

    For the longest time I thought comfort was the ultimate goal in life.I thought, if I can control my environment than I could eliminate the uncertainty that destroys this desired comfort.I thought that this certainty was the desirable end result.What...

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  • September 1, 2021 Darron Rowley

    Support vs Resistance

    Life is not easy, nor should it be.

    It’s that struggle that makes us stronger.

    The key in all of this is to maintain an upward trajectory.

    That doesn’t mean that every day has to be an up day.

    That would be crazy to expect.

    But it is vitally important we keep the direction of our progress in an upward trend.
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  • September 1, 2021 Darron Rowley

    Look Below the Surface

    Things that don’t change, remain the same.

    Those financial struggles won’t fix themselves.

    The longer we allow those concerns to fester, the more they grow.

    Take the first step of getting a clear picture of what you are dealing with.

    You’ll likely find relief knowing where you are and that it’s not as bad as you thought.

    From there, make a plan.
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  • September 1, 2021 Darron Rowley

    3 Important Steps to take Prior to Starting a Business

    Preparation when it comes to starting a business is vital.

    These simple steps will help you increase your odds of success.

    Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, but for those who are able to succeed at it, it provides many benefits.

    I believe everyone should at least explore this idea and see if it is something that will work for them.

    The freedom of time and money that a business can afford is hard to find when working for someone else.
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