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FREE Standard Shipping on Orders $75+
FREE Standard Shipping on Orders $75+

Our Mission at Freedom Elements

We started this company as a way to help build patriotism. We felt like the best way to do that was to focus on building the individual first so they could then strengthen their: family, community, and country.

When we started this journey, we used the name 1911 Apparel as our brand. We felt like this handgun -the 1911 - was such an integral part of the US Military and a great way to show our support for the 2nd amendment - and patriotism in general.

As time passed, we soon realized that it didn’t capture the full vision of our company – even though we still love the name and always will.

We also feel strong that if we want to perserve freedom, we must get the youth excited about patriotism. We felt like a good way to do that was ceate a name they would better associate with.

We made the tough decision to move to a name that would help us to grow the full vision of our company. For that reason, we selected to move our brand to the name: Freedom Elements.

The purpose for that change is to focus on freedom. And NOT just political freedom, but every aspect of freedom. See, freedom applies to all aspects of life: physical, financial, spiritual, emotional, family, time, etc.

The elements part of our new name is a renewed focus to make freedom and every “element” of it our priority This new brand name captures the full purpose and meaning of our brand. 1911 Apparel and its name will always have a place in our hearts, and we will likely do vintage 1911 Apparel gear occasionally.


1911 Apparel Product During the Transition

As we fully transition to Freedom Elements, we will still sell out our current 1911 Apparel gear. As we reorder, new product will be branded with our new brand – Freedom Elements.

Until that time, you may still receive 1911 apparel gear until that is sold out. Any of our new product will be branded with our new name and logo.


Same Strong Message

We are excited for this new era with Freedom Elements. We WILL continue to have the same strong message you have come to love – no change there. Our mission for freedom is as strong as ever – and we even feel like this new change takes it to the next level.