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FREE Standard Shipping on Orders $75+

Industrial Freedom


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A Tribute to Rugged Freedom!

This shirt is a tribute to the Industrial Freedom that is the United States. 

The United States - especially in its early years - was all about industry. Building things that would change the world forever.

It is this ingenuity that really signifies just how impactful the US has been. It the American way of doing things. Getting dirty. Do what others are unwilling to do. Having the boldness to change the world. Fighting for Freedom.

This Industrial Freedom is what holds our society together - and what makes America Great. Capitalism and its pull on progress and development is sustained by the Liberty and Freedom we enjoy. 

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Unparalleled Comfort and Feel

  • Ultra-Comfortable, Long Lasting

  • Double Stitched 60/40 Cotton Poly Blend

  • Proudly Designed and Printed in the USA

 Freedom Elements is a proud lifestyle brand that creates apparel with a strong message that helps build individuals -  so they can then help build others. 

5% of proceeds go to help Operation Underground Railroad and their efforts to help end human trafficking.