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FREE Standard Shipping on Orders $75+
FREE Standard Shipping on Orders $75+

1911 Apparel is more than just a patriotic apparel company. We are a principle-driven lifestyle brand. 

Each of the products we develop have a very specific meaning and purpose. 

It is our belief that true principles are the foundation to having successful: individuals, families, communities, and country. 

For that reason, our products and content teach concepts we believe help build individuals, unify communities, promote faith, and strengthen others.  

It all starts with us individually.

We feel strongly that if we can build the individual, they can then build their families, their communities, and their country.

1911 Apparel was stared by two high school friends who strongly believed in Patriotism and the value it brings to our country. The company is now run by Darron Rowley, his wife, and four young children. They enjoy getting out into the community and helping build relationships and individuals.

At the end of the day, it is our goal to be a foundation-driven company that helps strengthen the fabric of society - and hopefully sell a few t-shirts in the process.

We hope you will follow our journey as we look to make a difference in the lives of Patriots around this amazing country.

We are a Utah based company who operates out of Herriman Utah.