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Elements of Freedom

It used to be, when I thought about freedom it was strictly political freedom. I always understood there were other types of freedom, but it was tertiary in nature. The exception to this was financial freedom, which has always been on my mind. What I didn’t connect is the importance of the individual being free to maintain any other type of it.  

Over the last few years, it has become readily apparent to me that freedom must first be an internal struggle before it can adequately be an external one. How can we ever protect freedom outside of ourselves if we are slaves on a personal level?

There are seven elements of freedom that I call the The Freedom Elements – and I would like to discuss how we can better find freedom in those areas. These seven Elements of Freedom that make up The Freedom Elements are: Spiritual Freedom, Emotional Freedom, Financial Freedom, Physical Freedom, Mental Freedom, Freedom of Time, Freedom in Relationships. As we gain freedom here, inside of our own lives, we can more adequately fight for freedom externally.


The Principle of Freedom Explained

This depiction perfectly explains freedom. Notice the difference between “false freedom” and “true freedom.”

For the sake of authenticity, I wanted to share with you the actual graphic I drew when I was formulating this concept:

Freedom Funnel, Freedom Elements, Elements of Freedom

The example on the right is how the world – in its current state – views freedom. Many believe that freedom is a gift that is expected and deserved. They also believe that there is no waiting period for its attainment.

When we seek freedom in this manner, we are expecting something before we are ready for it. That type of “freedom” comes with many risks.  As you can see from the depiction, it eventually leads us into a narrow path of slavery.

Think of your finances. When we are 18 years old we are given access to “free” money in the form of credit cards and easy car and student loans. This gives us the feeling of financial freedom. When in reality the opposite is true.

Once certain debts are incurred, slavery ensues. It is extremely difficult to reverse these decisions – and some people never do. It leads from what feels like financial freedom to financial bondage or slavery.

The same can be said for nearly every example in our lives. Many addictions are formed because of this principle of false freedom. We think we are free when able to do whatever we please, but once addiction or consequences of them set in, there is no avoidance of the repercussions.

The graphic on the right is true freedom and the course we should be pursuing. Notice how the graphic shows “restriction” at the top. This should be compared with the graphic on the left which at the narrow part shows slavery. This is very different and was done intentionally.

Restriction is important and the building phase in gaining freedoms. Take the example of easy debt. What if instead of accepting easy credit we practice frugality. Buy a car that is just enough to get us by. Go to a school that is less prestigious. Refrain from impulsive purchases that are going on our credit cards.

Each of these steps represents a form of temporary restriction that will eventually funnel down to freedom. I know of many individuals who have attended dental school who come out so indebted that their financial situations are worse than if they hadn’t gone to school. How is that freedom?

Conversely, I know many people who have strong financial situations who lived frugally and are now able to do whatever they want without financial restriction. Financial restriction early on and full financial freedom later. That is the answer.

We must flip this idea of freedom upside down if we are going to obtain it. God gives us restrictions with the promise that we will be given absolute freedom when we are ready for it. We can apply this same concept to children. How disastrous would it be for your children if given full freedom to make choices before they are ready?

We need restrictions if we want to grow correctly. As we grow, we will then have the maturity to recognize when it should open to FULL freedom. As with any other true concept, we will be ready after we have done the work to prepare ourselves for it.


The Seven Elements of Freedom

There are seven elements of freedom that make up the foundation of a successful life. If we want to be balanced, we must make each of these a priority.

We will discuss each element in basic form.

This is not given as advice or end-all solution, rather it is to get your mind open to freedom as it relates to these areas.

We hope these seven elements of freedom are helpful in your pursuit of a stronger and more balanced life.


Spiritual Freedom

No matter your spiritual persuasion, there is likely a belief in a Supreme Being that is there to give inspiration and direction. For me, this belief resides in the Godhead; which is God as our Father, Jesus Christ as our Savior, and the Holy Spirit as our Guide and Protecting Voice.

For you, this belief may be different – and that is okay. A belief in a Supreme Being is absolutely essential for our growth as individuals.

Why? Because of Truth!

It is not uncommon to hear people say, “I get to decide what is true for me.” There are few things I believe to be more incorrect, erroneous, and categorically false than that belief system. And honestly, I don’ think they even believe it. I think it just gives them an excuse for poor behavior.

Whereas a belief in God requires accountability. Because God in truth, you cannot violate that truth without a consequence. Nothing makes those who forsake God more upset. But the reality is just because you do not accept truth, doesn’t mean you can avoid the consequences of its denial.

As we discussed in our section “The Principle of Freedom Explained” you cannot expect freedom before it is earned. This is especially important when it comes to God.

I believe God is offering us full freedom. If we adhere to His truth, and structure our lives accordingly, freedom is the reward. And what is freedom? It’s power.

This is contrary to the way the world views power. The world believes it must be taken. That it is mutually exclusive or zero sum, and if I want the power that comes with freedom, then I must take from you. This belief is incorrect. It is contrary to how God views freedom. God give it to those who are worthy and ready. There is no mutual exclusivity with Him. It is a positive sum principle.

If we want this spiritual freedom, it’s quite simple, we must align ourselves with the will of God - an Infinite Being who is willing to give us absolute freedom. His principles protect us from incorrect behaviors that only seek to destroy and enslave us. Truth is absolutely the great liberator!

As we align ourselves with His will, we are entitled to revelation – which I believe is nothing less than the opening of God’s mind to ours. This is spiritual freedom personified and is the basis for all freedom – it starts with God.

Our spirits make up half of who we are. Spiritual Freedom must be our mail focus. It is for this reason that spiritual growth as a Freedom Element is such an important Element of Freedom.


Emotional Freedom

I do not consider myself a therapist, psychologist, life coach, or anything of that nature.

What I do know is that I have analyzed myself nearly every day over the last 15 years, and I have come to find that our emotions – if not understood – can be one of our biggest disadvantages.

Conversely, if we take the time to understand the emotions that are found inside each of us, it can be beyond powerful.

What are our emotions and how does it compare to logic?

In my mind, emotions and logic are separated by an imaginary line, and each has a unique but important part of our lives – and especially our decision making.

Each completely left to themselves will be detrimental to us, and each overemphasized leaves us imbalanced. The key is learning how to blend the two.

Understanding my emotions has helped me better analyze why I do the things I do. Why I have the impulses I have. Helps me determine why I react with emotion instead of control. Why I allow outside factors to control a portion of me.

I have noticed that part of the reason why my progress has been slower emotionally than I would have liked is because of my unwillingness to dive deep into my own psyche. It is easy for us to fear what we will find when we undertake this exercise of self-exploration and is reason enough in our minds to never do it.

The problem is that these issues left unresolved leave us internally agitated – just as an external sore will if left untreated.

This causes a great amount of harm to us emotionally and prevents true healing and growth. We simply cannot allow that fear to block our progress as it inevitably affects our happiness – or the last thereof.


Logic versus Emotion Explained

We must start today to understand how our emotions and logic can work together.

As was stated above, think of two sides of a paper separated by a line down the vertical center with emotion on one side and logic on the other.

What is more appropriate, should we bring some logic over from the logic side to the emotion side and use an emotional field primarily for our decision making with bits of logic mixed in.


Should we bring some emotion over from the emotion side to the logic side and use a logical field primarily for our decision making with bits of emotion mixed in?

This may be different for each person, but I believe the latter to be more correct – our decisions should be primarily based upon logic with bits of emotion mixed in.

We should use our emotion in our decision making, but being the primary driver can cause us to act against what is logical and correct.

That is because our emotion is exactly that – it’s emotion. It does not always strive for what is best for us but rather what makes us emotionally feel safe.

At the same time, emotion cannot be ignored because it brings in our intuition and past experiences.

Our emotions have the power to control every aspect of who we are, it’s for this reason that the Freedom Element around our emotions is such an important Element of Freedom.

If we can find the accurate balance between emotion and logic, we will have balanced strength in our decision making. This way emotion will not control us but rather be used to our advantage.


Physical Freedom

I have always found the quote by the Dalai Lama interesting as it relates to health and feel like it sums up nicely how we often neglect our physical bodies.

When asked what surprised him most about humankind, he said:

That man sacrifices his health to make money, then he sacrifices his money to regain his health.

I believe we often underestimate just how much our health limits our true potential.

Any limit that is placed on our ability to do something we desire is a form of slavery. If we want to have the freedom to do whatever we desire, our physical bodies are a key component in being able to do this.

I understand that there are things that are outside of our control – disability, deformity, chronic health issues, etc. – but for this section we are concerned with what we can control. And, even if we suffer from some of items listed above, there is still a lot we can do to optimize our health no matter our situation.

Our physical well being is an area where it is easy to make excuses for why we are not making it a priority – I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money to go to a gym or eat better, I can’t lose weight or gain muscle.

Being honest with ourselves is going to be very important if you want to make progress with your physical body. Emotional control is key here – as we discusses above – because if we have emotional control we can better determine what our true desires are and take excuses out of the equation.

Whatever your situation is, carefully consider where your freedom is limited when it comes to your body.

Whether obesity, weakness, or being out of shape, I am confident that the moment you start the necessary steps to take back control of this area; you will feel the confidence, happiness, and freedom you didn’t realize you were missing come back into your life.


We often think about our weight and strength as the main aspect of physical freedom, but there is another – and maybe more important – aspect at play here.

It is an addiction.


Food Addiction

You may be saying to yourself, I am good here, I don’t use drugs.

The truth is that there are many things that cause physical addiction, and yet we try to take the easy way out and only label drug use and alcoholism as addiction.

The reality is that some of our strongest addictions lie within the food we eat.

There is excessive sugar in most of our food. This is one of the strongest drugs.

As a society we drink excessive soda and eat sweets. This is an addiction we don’t often consider.

The food industry manufactures our food to be addictive. Even the labeling is there to cause impulsive buying.


Sex Addiction

Another form of physical slavery is the sexualization of nearly everything in our society.

Pornography is ubiquitous. But what’s wrong with pornography, you may ask?

The issue with it is that it creates a lust that cannot be satisfied.

This means that it intensifies impure feelings without the proper outlet, and the more it grows the more dangerous it becomes.

This cancer called pornography leads to tragedy such as: trafficking of humans, infidelity, depression and anxiety, loss of confidence, and ultimately broken homes and individuals.

It is something that is seen as harmless but is literally decaying the foundation of society.  

We are being told that sexual gratification should consume us. We see this on social media, in movies, the lyrics of our music – really, it’s everywhere we look

Sex should be an intimate act that is controlled and used appropriately.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t engage in sex; it is just means that it should be done inside the bonds of marriage and used as an expression of love – not lust.

If we are not able to control this aspect of our bodies, we are bound to get ourselves into serious trouble. This is no doubt a form of addiction that is controlling our society.


Anything that takes our ability to choose is addiction and causes slavery in our lives.

When you are addicted to something, even if you desire to choose the correct path, until that addiction is controlled and conquered you DO NOT have the freedom to choose. That addiction will make the decision for you.

Until we are willing to accept this truth, we will be slaves to these substances.

Whether it is: alcohol, drugs, sugars, pornography and sex, cell phone usage, etc. anything that is creating bondage must be eradicated.

We must be honest with ourselves, because the things we consider harmless are more than likely destroying us and stealing our freedom.

This Freedom Element around our physical bodies is a vital Element of Freedom because our bodies make up half of who we are. If we are enslaved here, it is unlikely we will have the control to gain freedom anywhere else.

Get rid of anything related to your body that is stealing your agency to choose.


Mental Freedom

This aspect of freedom is quite different for everyone – and that is what makes it hard to be specific.

When I think of mental freedom, I think of a cognizant ability to carry on important tasks in my life.

When I was in college, my ability to memorize material was very strong. It took me no time at all to glance over important notes and memorize and retain what I had student.

That is not the case today. It takes a great deal more effort to do so. Part of that is age, the other part is lack of exercise when it comes to that part of my brain.

I am now starting to learn Spanish and had I done this at my peak of memorizing it would have been a great deal easier.

The good news is that I am seeing this improve rather quickly just by engaging in memorization again.

The brain is amazing and can quickly grow as we use it consistently.

I have also seen mental capacity have a great deal of influence on my profession. The more knowledge I gain, I have been a stronger asset for myself in making more money.

Many of us – including myself – get stuck in a comfortable place when it comes to our profession and stop learning.

The problem is that when we stop progressing, so does our income. Keeping our minds active and learning can add a lot of value to our incomes – more on this in the upcoming section.

Mental freedom is also important when it comes to understanding the world around us. We live in a time where socialized thought is an expectation.

By socialized thought I mean from media outlets, Hollywood, school and universities, religions, are all happy to tell us how and what to think.

This limits our mental freedom as we are not able to see the world as it really is. This causes enslavement because we are beholden to other individuals for our thoughts.

To counter this, we should be digesting many sources of information, and be careful with other sources.

I personally find Hollywood and news outlets to be most toxic. What I prefer is to carefully curate who I follow on Twitter. This allows me to pick many sources of information in who I follow and get a broad spectrum of information.

Beyond modern sources of information, reading is probably the best source of information – that’s my opinion at least.

Finding great writers who inspire and enlighten – even if it isn’t present day information – can help us think critically and better understand the world around us.

Our mental freedom is such an important asset for us. It deserves a great deal of focus in our lives.

Our mind is the driving force for what we do and will grow in proportion to the effort we put into it.


Declutter and Grow Your Mind

Having a clear mind is also key here. Anything that goes into our mind that causes clutter or chaos will impact our cognizant ability – which steals our mental freedom.

A few things come to mind here….

The media we are digesting. If it is polluted (spiritually destructive) or mindless (lacking intellect or information) it hurts our minds.

We should be careful to only input things that expand what is going on in our minds – anything else is a cancer.

If we want to expand our mental freedom, we need to input things that will make it grow.

Think of your mind as a plant. Proper soil, nutrients, water, sunlight will help the plant to grow.

We need to add these same things to our minds: uplifting material, intelligent and insightful ideas, positive affirmations, etc.

The Freedom Element principle around our minds is a key Element of Freedom because our minds are a main driving force for our bodies.  

Our goal for mental freedom should be to liberate and grow our minds. Get rid of anything that is stifling it and add to it anything that will make it grow.


Freedom in Relationships

This is a type of freedom that we hear very little about – and I believe that is because it is not well understood.

What do I mean by relationship freedom?

The family is the basic and most important unit in any society. It is also God’s unit of creation for how we grow as His children. It is inside the family that the most impactful growth can take place.

When this is disrupted, its consequences are severe – and result in a great deal of slavery.

Let’s take divorce as a prime example.


Loss of Freedom from Divorce

When two parents decide to split (not taking a stance if the decision is warranted or not, that is for another discussion) there is a division of the family unit.

Inevitably, time is going to be lost between former spouses as well as between parents and their kids.

True freedom in Relationships is being able to spend as much time as possible with those you love, and any type of restriction – which divorce causes – is a lack of freedom.

Where you could once walk down the hall to see your kid, you are now waiting until your approved time so spend time with them.

I cannot think of a more dreadful situation. Divorce also has a massive impact on your financial freedom (covered in the next section.)

The void that takes place also leaves each of the former spouses in a weakened emotional, financial, mental, physical, etc. state – which are all other forms of the loss of The Elements of Freedom.

Keeping relationships ships strong between spouses will help keep this vital family unit in place. This allows for relationship freedom where you can be with those you care about.


Conflict Between Parents and Children

Another example inside the family unit is the bond between parents and children.

When this relationship is strong, there is great freedom as both parties enjoy time together and can create more memories – without restriction.

Part of children’s growth comes in their exercise of free agency – their right to make decisions for themselves.

When decisions divert from teachings that are accepted as truth inside that family unit, friction occurs.

That friction can cause a weaking in relationships if not handled correctly. This may cause either parent or child to not want to spend as much time together.

There is no easy answer for this scenario.

Creating strong bonds early can help combat this issue. You cannot avoid differencing in options, but strong relationships and clear communication can combat the issue.

Division does not need to be the issue. Rather, learning to respect, understand, and talk through issue is key in resolving differences.

Friction – to a certain degree – will cause strengthening of relationship bonds. It’s when it is excessive or not dealt with that irreparable damage takes place.


Freedom in Other Important Relationships

These same principles apply to other important relationships - friends, neighbors, co-workers, employers, etc.

The fracturing of any of these relationships can greatly impact our enjoyment in life and steal our freedom.

Think about how miserable it is to have bad neighbors or a toxic co-worker. These things harm our emotional and mental wellbeing, and as a result we lose freedom in those areas.  

You are starting to see how each of these Freedom Elements or Elements of Freedom are all intertwined.

Freedom truly is an all-encompassing principle.  

The more effort we put into making sure our relationships stay strong will return great value in our freedom.

Not only will we be able to see and spend time with those that matter, but the toll it could take on our emotions, health, wealth, mental capacity will be avoided.


Financial Freedom

This is an area that I particularly enjoy discussing.

I have found that money and its management will either bring great fulfillment or destruction to our lives.

Let’s not confuse financial freedom with happiness – as those two things are very different. Money will not bring us happiness – it will only magnify our current state of being.

Financial freedom refers to being able to do the things we desire without restriction. If our finances are not in order, we will be constrained – or worse, enslaved.

For everyone, what we desire with our financial freedom will be different – rather you like to travel, participate in hobbies, spend money on your children’s pursuit, etc.

It doesn’t matter what it is you like to do, the goal is to be able to do that thing.


One of the main killers of freedom when it comes to money is mismanagement of debt – Ironically, I am writing this as I sit in a car dealership waiting on an oil change.

Even as I am here, I see many individuals sitting down talking about financing options for rather expensive new cars.

Without judgement, I cannot help but wonder who is and who is not making good financial decisions.

For those who cannot afford these cars they are about to buy, a great deal of financial slavery is on its way.

When we take on debt – especially when we cannot afford it – we are now losing our freedom to spend that money in other ways.

This is especially concerning when it is done at the expense of: saving, investing, traveling and creating memories, etc.

Our society has done a great job making us believe that we should have what we desire right now. Not tomorrow but today.

This is a risky and destructive trap.

It not only affects our money, but our relationships, mental and emotional health, physical health, and our freedom of time (covered more in the next section).

It quite literally permeates thru every area of our life.

This is also the main trap for why individuals get caught in jobs they hate. They don’t have the financial set-up in place to be able to make an aggressive change in their job. This has major impacts on our enjoyment in life.


Opportunity cost refers to the lost freedom of spending money. When we spend that money on debt, we are unable to invest it.

Investing is the root of wealth creation. You cannot save your way to it. You need to have your money grow for you. You cannot get there any other way – except for maybe being lucky, which is a bad financial plan.


Starting a business is no doubt one of the most powerful ways to gain wealth.

When we take on debt, or spend all of our savings, we have very little flexibility to start our own business. Not only that, but business finance is just personal finance on steroids. If you are bad at your personal money management a business will likely be disastrous.

If you want to set yourself up to be able to take advantage of investment opportunities, you cannot be broke and expect it to work out.

I cannot tell you how many opportunities have presented themselves for me because I have had my money situation handled correctly.

One of my greatest investments was investing into an HVAC business. When I did this I didn’t take a pay check for the fist 4 months.

I wanted to show this partner the value I could bring before taking money out of the business. Had I not had my money in order I would not have been able to do this.

This business alone has added many millions of dollars of value to my personal net worth – and it really happened because of steps I had taken many years before to get my money in order.


Don’t let your bad money decisions be the reason you cannot live the life you want to live. It will take away greatly from the amazing life you will be able to live.

I am not saying you cannot have those nice things – like the individuals I see buying cars here in this dealership right in front of me – but I am saying it needs to be done it the correct order.

Buying too many houses is also an important example of this. Over the last few years many households have pushed to get into expensive homes only to find out later that they are now house poor.

House poor means most of your money goes towards your housing payment and leaves very little for anything else – especially saving and investing.

These things are not going to add to your value of life…

Let your money work for you, don’t be a slave to someone else that has a claim on every dollar you earn.  

This Freedom Element principle around money is such an important Element of Freedom as it impacts so many other areas of your life. Making this a priority will yield many dividends (pun intended).

Freedom with our money leads us to our next level of freedom…Freedom of Time.


Freedom of Time

This one is straightforward; freedom of time is when you have the absence of restriction with your time.

When I discuss this with others, they will often tell me that you cannot completely free up your time and gain absolute freedom of time.

This is a misunderstanding of what the real aim is with freedom of time. I want freedom of time so I can do whatever I please, not sit around and do nothing. That sounds miserable to me.

A good example of this is my children. For anyone who has them, they know that freedom of time is akin to a solar eclipse – you only see it once in a while.

We stay quite busy taking our kids to sports, music, etc. As busy as this stuff is, and how restricted it may be, it is what I want to be doing with my time. I truly enjoy being present for my kid’s development.


Work or professional endeavors is important to evaluate when it comes to determining just how free we really are.

There have been times in my life where my work endeavors have felt anything but free.

When I was working for someone else and had to punch a time clock, that was most unfree I have ever felt. Gladly it has been a long time since I have been in that position.

As a mortgage loan officer, I had complete freedom of time. I could come and go as I pleased, but my lack of freedom took on another form.

As a commissioned employee I was always chasing a paycheck. At the end of each month it felt like starting over and doing the same thing again – like groundhog day.

The money was good, but I found myself chasing the dollar. Although the excellent income gave me financial freedom, I often felt unfree with my time.

Even though I could do as I pleased, the urge to build income kept me consumed. It was a tough balance. 


Now as an employer, my pursuit for free time is completely different.

My goal has always been to build a business that operates without my complete attention. I try to hire smartly so that I have employees who are capable and can handle their functions correctly and autonomously.

No matter what you do in this area, there are always going to be employees falling short, employees changing careers, etc.

This requires you to get back involved in something that you thought you had solved. This derails my goal of complete freedom of time.


It is very tricky when it comes to a profession. What I have found most important is three things:

First, be of such value that you are allowed freedom of time (if you work for someone)

Secondly, if you own your own business manage it in a way that you are not consumed by it

Thirdly – and most important – you must enjoy what you are doing.

Paying close attention to these three times will help with your freedom of time – or at least enjoying what you are doing with that time.


As it relates to other areas of life, balance is important.

I am constantly trying to evaluate of the things I am doing are important and vital to the well being of my family.

It is okay to get rid of areas that are not valuable to your wellbeing. The trick is being honest with yourself and not getting rid of important things or maintaining things that are not valuable.

It is my opinion that this aspect of freedom should be more serious consideration in our decision making.

Because of how valuable time is, this Freedom Element of time is such an important Element of Freedom.


How does this all Tie in with Political Freedom?

At the heart of a strong and free country are strong and free individuals.

You have heard the saying:

Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.

America is at the tail-end of this cycle, unfortunately.

It pains me to say it, but it is hard to refute the facts of what is in front of us. We have had good times for so long, and that has made us weak. Our abundance and complacency have caused us to lose freedom in some many aspects of our personal lives.

We are heavily indebted, physically wrecked, struggling emotionally and mentally, families are being divided, we are enslaved to our phones and work, physical addictions – we are an enslaved people.

This slavery has made us weak and easily controlled. As a result, our society is being denigrated at a rapid pace.

In this current state we cannot sufficiently expect to maintain our political freedom.

For that reason, I believe if we want to be free as a nation, we must start with regaining freedom in our personal lives.

The strength from developing this inside of ourselves helps us to strengthen others and our country.

It is my hope that we will start looking inward as it relates to this principle of freedom.

I believe it should be the basis for EVERY decision we make. This would help us avoid any decision that causes enslavement.

If we do this:

We would be strong spiritually and have an accountability to God for our thoughts, actions, and deeds. This spirituality would make us a moral and chaste people.  

We would be in control of our emotions and use them as part of our decision making opposed to the controlling aspect.

We would have the mental capacity to make decisions, be more informed, and be an asset in the workforce.

We would be in control of our bodies and not enslaved to them. We would be free from the grasps of physical addiction – which is anything that harms our bodies and steals our ability to choose.

We would have strong relationships with the ability to spend time with those we care about – without restriction because of the divisions that come because of weak bonds.

We would be in control of our finances and able to work, spend, vacation, etc. however we please.

We will be in control of who and what we are and that will allow us to spend our time doing the things that really make us happy – opposed to being controlled and told how to spend our time.

These things will lead to a strong country that has the ability and desire to be a truly free people.   

It is my hope, rather my strong admonition, that we will pursue freedom in EVERY aspect of our lives with all of the energy we possess. These Freedom Element should be Element of Freedom that we implement and grow in our lives.

And if you don’t currently have a strong belief or affinity towards freedom, it is likely because you have not experienced it firsthand and are more enslaved than you realize.

The first step is to make change, and as you see that freedom take hold your life, your conviction to pursue it further will intensify.

As with anything else, you have to see change and feel its impact before you have a true belief in it.

The problem is that most people never take the step to feel its power – and that is by design from the enemy of our soul. 

Fortunately, we have God as our aid who will bestow this gift of freedom upon anyone who desire it. We must start by doing our part and following the principles and making meaningful changes in our lives.

This is how God is different than man. God is willing to give freedom to help empower us and cause growth.

Man is there is take freedom because it enslaves you and gives them more power.

This is important to realize because anything that steals freedom is NOT from God – that is not how He works.

These are the elements of freedom, and they contain the power to change our lives.

My desire is that you will take these thoughts and apply them to your unique circumstances and see the change that takes place.

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