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Gaining Momentum and Keeping It

The best way I can explain momentum is through a principle I taught my little girls when they were learning how to ride their bikes.

As is the case in most lessons, they can be related back to simple examples to help us better understand their meanings.

When my little girls first had their training wheels taken off, I noticed that they were scared to maintain speed.

When they lost their speed it soon led to an out of control wobble and eventual crash.

I kept telling them to keep peddling, but that didn’t seem to help.

In my mind I knew it was a momentum issue, but until I explained what was happening in detail, they kept doing it.

I took them aside and explained this principle of momentum. I told them that going slower was actually making it harder to ride.

I tried to help them realize that their fear of going too fast – because of being scared of crashing - was exactly what was leading the crash their feared.

Once they saw the need to keep their momentum up to avoid this, they were on their way.

Then whenever someone got in their way they would begin screaming, “get out of the way, I have to keep my momentum or I am going to crash.”

Simple as this example sounds, it is powerful.

How to Apply this Principle

Momentum is key to every aspect of life.

If we want to see quick and steady progress, we have to gain momentum.

What we often see in life is that we have short periods where we focus on this momentum and then lose focus.

When we do this we lose progress.

The act of having to start over is very difficult.

Any time we stop and have to start again it is much harder than if we had kept going.

I encourage all of us to focus on momentum.

What are the areas in your life that are the most important?

Start by focusing there.

Avoid stopping at all cost.

Once you have momentum in that area, move onto another.

As you keep this going you will see much quicker progress in these areas.

We hope you find this valuable.

We would love to hear form you on how you are applying these mindset principles.

Feel free to reply to this email and share your progress with me.

Thanks for reading,


Darron Rowley

Founder of 1911 Apparel

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