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Mindset of Abundance

As we discussed last week in our weekly mindset email, we are going to release a little bit of our E-Book each week. 

Our hope is that these short bits will help all of us to become better Patriots. 

And not just patriots in our communities, but in our homes, our workplace, and individually. 

In these short excerpts, I will share a few points from each chapter of our book. 

Today’s thought comes from Chapter 1 – A Mindset of Abundance.

Here it is:

I have been fortunate in my life to have never experienced extreme financial struggle - other than a few years as a poor college student. 

I have, however, seen it first-hand and am very sympathetic to its difficulties.

One thing I know for certain is that there exists a very different belief system between those who struggle with money, and those who have risen above it.

What it ultimately comes down to is mindset, and to be more specific, the mindset of abundance and scarcity. 

These two mindsets are as different as day is from night.

The encouraging thing is that I have also seen people change their views and move from scarcity to abundance.

The main difference in these two mindsets really comes down to outlook. 

Those who think abundantly are optimistic and have a belief system of hope. 

Those who suffer from scarcity are pessimistic and hopeless.

We see the scarcity mindset at work with people who either hate their jobs, or are miserable because they are underpaid. 

Both of these result in misery and discontent.

So why do people stay at jobs they don’t like? 

Because of scarcity. 

They either don’t believe there is anything better, or they don’t think they deserve more - both limit their potential for growth. 

Applying This Principle

This portion from the book is related to money but applies to any aspect of life. 

I am very sympathetic to individuals who are going through hardships financially – and am not referring to extreme poverty. 

But there is BIG difference in mindset with those who are determined to fixed their money issues – and those who have accepted that it will never change. 

This is the part of mindset we should focus on. Not the parts we cannot control. 

Divorce, health issues, loss of loved ones, etc. 

All of these can hurt out finances – and are often out of our control. 

But most financial issues are in our control. 

Abundance is the belief we can change our situation. 

Scarcity is the belief that we are doomed and nothing can be done. 

The first step is to believe we can change and improve. 

Whether it is a job that underpays, excessive debt, or low savings. 

These are ALL in our control and we must believe we can make a change. 

Once we have accepted this, we can get to work on making it happen.

This principle can and should be applied to every aspect of life. 

There is great opportunity and abundance all around us.

The first step is adopting a mindset of abundance and believing we can improve ad that there are no limits to what we can accomplish. 

The rest is up to us.

Thanks for reading,

Darron Rowley 

Founder of 1911 Apparel

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