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Are You Taking Accountability?

Are You Taking Accountability?

Among the most destructive traits is that of blaming others.

As humans, it is easier to shift blame than to look inward.

Those who are comfortable with accountability are on a different playing field than the rest.

They will reach levels of success that the “blamers” can only dream of.


Why is blaming others so destructive?

When we say that someone else is to blame, we are saying we have no control over who and what we become. We are giving them the power.

This is dangerous.

This is an abandonment of personal freedom.

That is why many of us are stuck. Not only is our progress damned, but we are also likely on a path of regression.

This habit must be broken.


Embrace Accountability

Not only should we accept responsibility when it is clearly our doing or fault.

We should also get into a habit of accepting it when we don’t think we are to blame.


In every situation, no matter who is to blame, there is something that can be learned.

If you are willing to accept that you could have done something better, you are saying your own progress is more important than being right.

This is empowering.

This leads to Freedom.


The Masculine Trait of Accountability

As a father and husband, this trait of accountability is something I am diligently working on.

I know that I play an important role inside my home.

I take responsibility for my part in providing for my family, the family culture, our spiritual progress, physical fitness, finances, etc.

I also realize how important it is that I take accountability when these things are not being met or going as they should.

When I am willing to accept responsibility, I see that trait among my family.

The opposite is also true. When I blame others, shift responsibility, etc. I see others do the same.

This creates a cancer that destroys family culture and personal progress.

The same can be said of any aspect of our lives.


I want to challenge each of us to look at our lives and determine if we are taking accountability.

Are we seizing control of every aspect of our lives or giving that control to others?

If we are not taking control, then we are abandoning our personal freedom and development – let’s not do that.

It’s a tough trait to develop, but once it is, it is extremely powerful and liberating – and that’s true freedom!

Thanks for reading, 
Darron Rowley
Founder of Freedom Elements

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