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It Made America Look Weak

It Made America Look Weak

What did you think about the debate last night between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Personally, I was embarrassed.

I despise the fact that they used the debate stage to inform the world that President Biden doesn’t have the mental capacity for office.

Just when I thought they couldn’t discredit the United States and further they go and do that…

We have all know it for a long time – at least those who are paying attention - but to let the world see it in that way, I have a big problem with that.


Politicians Only Care About Power

The reality is that the American we love doesn’t matter to most of our politicians.

They care more about control than they do showing strength on the world stage.

I can’t image how this display looked to the rest of the world.

What happened to having pride (not the June version) in ourselves?

What about the Christian Values our country was founded on? These actions violate what the majority of Americans stand for and hold dear.


Where Do We Go From Here?

I would assume, now that we all “officially” know he is not fit, we may see him step down prior to the end of his term.

This would likely be the easiest way to justify running another candidate.

It seems that was their main reason for putting him in that debate in the first place. It is hard to dispute - after that showing - that he can run again.

The ends now justify the means…


Dishonesty Brings Total Distrust

Whatever the plans are for the Democrats one thing must remain certain: they must be held accountable for their dishonesty.

I won’t hold my breath that we see anything happen by way of justice.

For years they have lied about his health – knowing that it was an absolute lie.

If I am trump, I would use their lie as a permanent branding of how they cannot be trusted.

In every debate, rally, ad, etc. I would remind the American People of the coverup that took place and plant the seed of distrust as deeply as possible.

I hope to see this change the course of politics in America. If our citizens are paying attention, and act accordingly, a strong message can be sent nationally in November.

This is an opportunity for significant change. An opportunity to open people’s eyes.

We cannot forget, or minimize just how dishonest their coverup was.

I am hoping this will shift the tide back to small government.

It’s what American want.


This Does Not Represent American Values

As Americans we expect – and deserve – much better than the embarrassment we received last night.

We have strong Christian values and among those is integrity.

I often tell my children: if others cannot trust what you say, what do you have?

Let this be further conviction for each of us to elevate ourselves to a much higher standard personally.

We cannot control what happens in Washington, but we can inside of our own homes and communities.

We have to double down our efforts to be better versions of ourselves.

If we want a strong country it starts with each of us. That change inside ourselves will impact our families. Strong families impact our communities and states – which will ultimately lead to a stronger country.

I have hope in America because: I believe in its values, and I believe our citizens are honest, hard-working, family-oriented, and God-fearing people.

In the end, truth ALWAYS wins. Align yourself with it!

God Bless,
Darron Rowley

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