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Luxury and extravagance - Samuel Adams

Luxury and extravagance - Samuel Adams

I came across this quote from Samuel Adams and found it interesting – and wanted to share it with you.

He said:

“Luxury and extravagance are in my opinion totally destructive of those virtues, which are necessary for the preservation of the liberty and happiness of the people.”


Luxury and Extravagance

So, why would “Luxury and Extravagance” be destructive to liberty and happiness?

As I take this quote and roll it forward to our time, I can’t help but wonder if applies equally today.

From my interpretation, Samuel Adams worried that the splendors found at the time in Boston were a distraction from what the true focus should be – Natural Rights and Freedom.


Preserve Our Natural Rights and Freedoms

This mirrors our day perfectly. When times are good, the masses lose focus and are willing to accept compromises – luxury and extravagance create apathy toward important matters.

But, when things start getting bad, the masses wake up and realize just how bad things have gotten.

We are at this point today. People are starting to wake up.

I believe luxury and extravagance are by-products of strong principled living, but when those things cause pride or distraction, the result is where we are today.

Let us be more like Samuel Adams…

Let us be diligent in placing our focus on the things that matter so we can better preserve our natural rights and freedoms – they are the true luxury and extravagance we should seeking!

Thanks for reading,
Darron Rowley
Founder of Freedom Elements

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