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Freedom is NOT Exclusive

Freedom is NOT Exclusive

Hello Patriots,

The other day I was at a construction site taking to a few guys. Each of them was from a country other than the United States.

As our discussion ended, I went to my truck and handed out a bunch of our Freedom Elements patriotic stickers so they could put them on their hardhats and vehicles.

They were going crazy over them.

The most popular was the American Flag that said Freedom Elements on it.

I found it interesting that it was that sticker they each wanted.

But why did it surprise me that they all liked the flag sticker?



We have been lied to that minorities or immigrants to our country don’t like the cause of freedom or what our country stands for.

That they see it as "racist, xenophobic, exclusive," and a whole list of other negative things and want nothing to do with it.

The real truth is that that is a lie. It is being used as narrative to control votes and gain power.  

The reality is that they are some of the most patriotic people around – at least in my observation and based on many experiences.

It is a different kind of patriotism though – even though its basis is the same as those who grew up here.

They have come from countries where freedom is only a dream – not a possibility.

They come because they want to experience the freedom that they have heard so much about - they want to be a part of it!

And we need to do a better job of making them a part of it...

As I left this construction site, I had one guy translate for me as I explained that freedom isn’t about race or ethnicity, that it is a gift from our Maker and should be loved, defended, and appreciated by everyone.

Each of them nodded as he translated these words. I could tell they love this principle of freedom.

They felt it deep inside their souls!



We must fight the untruth that freedom is only for a select group of people.

That untruth is being used to holdback large groups of people and stop the progress of our country.

We develop our clothing with messages we believe are centered in truth – and we hope that every walk of life will find value in it.

I have a great love for other cultures and some of my greatest friends are not from here.

As a company, here at Freedom Elements, we are doing our best to share a message of Freedom for anyone who is willing to embrace it and use it to progress in their own lives.

Political freedom is what gives us the liberty to pursue personal freedoms.

It is our progress towards personal freedoms that ultimately brings us happiness.


We should encourage everyone to embrace it with obsession, because the more we see freedom adopted by those around us, the stronger we will see individuals, families, communities, and ultimately our country!

Let’s do our part to spread freedom as a principle to everyone – not just those that fit into the typical box of patriotism.

After all, are we not trying to win this war from Freedom?

The answers is yes, and to do that we need to bring in other groups – such as minorities, youth, members of other political parties, etc. – if we are going to be successful.

These men at this jobsite were so excited about these stickers and what they represented because they felt the truthfulness of the message.

Let’s not lose those who can become strong advocates for this sacred cause because we have accepted the lie that it’s only for certain individuals – because it isn’t!


Thanks for reading, 
Darron Rowley

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