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God, Family Country t-shirt, shirt

God, Family, Country

Hello Patriots,

In last week’s newsletter, I talked about the patriotism I had seen on display while attending a few county fairs and events.

As I have continued to think about those events, something else has stood out to me.

There is a new shirt we had developed over the winter and it was our first time taking it to one of these summer events.

This shirt, by a wide margin, was the most popular shirt we sold.

I think it is a cool design, but I believe that was only a small part of why it sold so well.

It sold more than many of our other popular designs - all combined!

As I have thought about why it did so well, my conclusion is that it was the message on the shirt that really resonated with those who saw it.


God, Family, Country

The shirt that outsold every other shirt was our God, Family, Country design.

Here are a few thoughts as to why I believe it is resonated with individuals.

Also, an interesting side note, when we develop a shirt there are certain ones where we wonder how well they will be received – this was one of those shirts.

I knew the message was powerful, and centered around true concepts, but I was uncertain what the reception would be like.

Ultimately, I am glad we followed our instincts and proceeded because the message is so important.

 God, Family, Country Shirt


There is no doubt that patriotism is centered on a belief in God – He inspired our founders every step of the way, and still does today (where we let Him that is).

Winning the American Revolution was an impossibility without His Divine Hand.

That trust in God is as deeply rooted in our traditions as a country as anything else.

Again today, we find ourselves in what feels like an impossible situation. Freedom is being lost. Sin and immorality are destroying society. Our future feels bleak at best.

I don’t know of a single person who is not feeling this!

It is for this reason – almost by itself – that I believe people were drawn to this design.

That sense of doom or helplessness that many are feeling, is turning our thoughts back to the God who created us and gave us our freedoms.

For some of us it may be a very conscious thought process centered on God, for others it may be more subconscious; but either way, I believe individual's spirits and minds are yearning for God’s influence in their lives.

He truly is our only way out of this mess we find ourselves in – a thought I am confident was also held by those who fought the American Revolution.

It’s sad that it requires hard times for us to turn our thoughts back to God.  



The family unit – and rightfully so – is the focal point of sensitivity for many of us, as every measure imaginable is being contrived to destroy it.

Just look at the garbage coming out of our children’s school system: critical race theory, gender and sexual issues, climate change propaganda – just to name a few.

You even hear of politicians stating that OUR children are the property of the state and that they should be raised under their purview.

There is an all-out attack on the family unit.

Not to mention what seems to be the willful destruction of our economy – making it harder for families to even survive, let alone prosper.

We can all feel the attacks that are hitting our families from every angle.

America was built upon a belief in God, and in my opinion, God’s truths points us back to the family unit.

As individuals, we rely heavily upon the foundation of God and Family as a way of building morals, unity, enduring relationships, emotional and financial support; and most importantly a way to learn, understand, and follow true principles.

The family is the last line of defense for the moral decay we see happening around us, and more than ever individuals are sensing and understanding just how important their family is.   



There is no surprise that the country part of the shirt design was important to the individuals that came to our booth - as this is key component of patriotism.

We love and appreciate our country because of the freedom it allows us.

Our appreciation for the flag is not idol worship, it is a celebration of what it stands for.

America truly is the last stand on earth, and it is beyond my understanding why those who are trying to destroy it don’t understand how lucky we are to have it.

I don’t think they (most of them at least) have considered what the world will truly look like with a weak America.

Freedom is an afterthought for many of them and has not been given proper credit for the prosperity it has built.


Final Thoughts

As I sat back and watched customer after customer buy our God, Family, Country shirt; I was hopeful because the truth of that message is resonating with individuals.

There is now doubt that if we want to have a strong country, it will depend on us letting God be the center of our lives and our family.  

We can do little to affect the trends we see in our country as a whole, but if every household turns their focus back to God, I believe prosperity will follow.

The opposite is also true and we are seeing that unfold before our eyes.  

All three of these things - God, Family, Country - work together.

As with any truth, this message of God, Family, Country is a powerful one and will always be under attack.

Our job as patriots is to defend those truths so that they can endure for future generations!


Thanks for reading,
Darron Rowley

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