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Improve Every Worthy Thing - John Adams

Improve Every Worthy Thing - John Adams

As you have heard from me in this newsletter many times, our focus here at Freedom Elements is on all things related to freedom.

The political freedoms we enjoy, are contingent upon on how we manage ourselves as citizens.

If we want a strong country, it starts with ourselves and our families.

Today’s message is short but powerful – and it gives what I believe is the ultimate guide to personal freedom.

It comes from a quote in a letter from John Adams (Founding Father and 2nd U.S. President) to his grandson.

He said:

Go on and improve in EVERYTHING worthy


As a parent, this is the mindset I do my best to teach my children.

As I have thought about this concept many times, I do believe that the misapplication of this truth is the cause for most unhappiness we experience and also results in a great loss of personal freedom.

But let’s focus on the happiness aspect.

If we want to see real happiness, we have to have balanced progress in EVERY important aspect of our lives: emotional, mental, physical, financial, family relationships, spiritual, etc.

When we see progress in these areas, it gives us momentum, confidence, peace, and happiness – and most importantly freedom.

Not each area has to be at the same level of strength, but they do have be trending upward in a balanced manner.

As they trend upward, that doesn’t mean there won’t be slowdowns or even negative progress at times – that is part of life.

But, it is vital that they are progressing if we want to be happy.

This is a message you will hear me expound on in coming weeks…


We would do well to apply this quote from John Adams and seek to improve EVERY worthy thing in our lives.

I am confident that doing so is the origination point of happiness and our source to true personal freedom.


Thanks for reading,
Darron Rowley

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