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Keeping up With the Joneses

Keeping up With the Joneses

A few years ago, I posted a thread (group of tweets) on Twitter that I believe is still one of my best.

It is a topic I have put a great deal of thought into and feel like its message has important applications.  

I want to share that thread with you today.

Also, here is my twitter handle if you want to follow along: @darronrowley

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Twitter Thread - Keep up with Yourself Instead

It’s only the fooled that actually think they are fooling others.

This is especially true when it comes to keeping up with others, namely the Joneses.

When we buy or do anything to make others believe something about us is true – when it really isn’t – we are trying to fool them.

The irony is the people’s opinions that might actually matter know exactly what we are doing.

Hence the one that is trying to fool others, has really only fooled themselves .

Being honest with who we are is the best way to be honest with others.

If we can’t be happy with ourselves, fooling others into believing we are something we are not, surely will not bring us happiness.  

Our focus should be on making progress.

When we are making progress in the areas that are important to us, that is when we find fulfillment.

Not by trying to fool others into believing we are something we are not.

Be true to yourself.

Who cares about the Joneses.

Focus on improving who you are.

Don’t try to fool others – especially yourself.

This will lead to more unhappiness than anything else.

The interesting thing is that other’s opinions only matter when we are not making progress.

As you start seeing improvement in your life, you will start caring less about what others think.

Ironically, this is what actually impresses others.

When you are making progress, you gain confidence.

Others notice this.

If your goal is to impress others, work on yourself.

If you want to be happier, work on yourself.

Either way the solution is the same – we must work on ourselves.

Trying to fool anyone into believing we are something we are not, will not make us happy – it can’t because it violates the truth.

Don’t fall victim to the game of keeping up.

The solution lies within your own progress – not with what you can make others believe is true.


The Key to Happiness

A few of my final thoughts on this thread:

We live in a time that is heavily influenced by trying to keep up with others, and I believe it is destroying our society.

Social media has intensified this plague.

In an effort to help ourselves feel valued, we often feel the need to show others that we matter – this can take the form of what we drive, showing off our vacations, posting achievements, etc.

I am not saying you shouldn’t do those things, but what I do feel is important is our reasoning behind it.

If our goal is to seek validation, approval, or self-worth; then we are chasing a lust that cannot be satisfied because it is not based on true principles.

The truth is that the main driver of happiness is progress.

This is not something that someone else can give us, so when we seek approval outside of ourselves, we are going to be disappointed and unfulfilled.

The only way to get there is by working on us. Learning to value who we are. Forgiving our weakness and appreciating the journey of progress. Growing who we are as individuals.

The answer lies inside of you and I – not the approval of others.

Thanks for reading,
Darron Rowley - founder of Freedom Elements

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