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We the People

We the People

Today I would like to share a few thoughts from one of our Freedom Elements community members.

He has been with us from pretty much the beginning, and often shows the kind gesture of replying to our weekly newsletter with encouragement and insight – and it is very much appreciated.

A few weeks ago, when we solicited input from this community, he was quick to respond that he would draft something up for me to share with each of you – and I think he did a great job.

Today I want to share it with you.

Thanks Richie G. for taking the time to share this:


We the People

“We the People is a phrase that has been around since our founding, and it feels like you are starting to hear it everywhere – from bumper stickers, t-shirts, hats, and tattoos (like the one I have on my forearm).

Despite the frequent use of this phrase, I cannot help but wonder if it is being watered-down. Are we really appreciating the sacred nature behind its meaning?

So, what does it mean?

According to the Senate webpage, the meaning of ‘We the People,’ is as follows: it affirms that the government of the United States exists to serve its citizens. The supremacy of the people through their elected representatives…through the Senate and House of Representatives.

The government of the United States exists to serve its citizens, now that is a powerful statement – one that is seemingly forgotten by our politicians.

This means that 435 members of Congress and 100 members of the Senate dictate our freedoms and liberties. This is an extreme consolidation of power when you consider the US population at over 333 million citizens.

This primarily becomes a concern when they forget to speak for their constituents - or more importantly, we fail to speak up.


When Will We Take a Stand?

We all believe in the power of us as individuals, but does that belief match our actions?

The question we should ask is when will it?

When will the American Patriots of this country say, ‘enough is enough’?

When will congress fear the people and carry out their will?

When will we say ‘no’ to mandates?

When will we stop the indoctrination of our Children?

When will we reclaim the statement of ‘We the People’ as a mandate to our government?”


I think these are all excellent thoughts, thanks again R.G. I would like to add a few of my own ideas here as well.


Defending our Purpose

As I consider the sacred nature of our rightful place as citizens in this country, I can’t help but consider how this concept applies to other duties we have been given.

The same passion we feel towards defending “We the People” should be echoed elsewhere.

My mind first turns to my role inside of my family. There is nothing I take more seriously than this.

I often consider where I am falling short when it comes to my execution of this duty.

-Am I teaching my kids the necessary truth-based principles they need to survive the evil of this world?

-Am I helping them become stronger mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually?

-Am I showing my wife the dignity and respect she deserves, and elevating her so that my kids see how a woman is to be treated?

-Am I standing for truth in all that I do and showing them the need to develop courage?

-Am I showing them that I can do difficult things?

-And most importantly, am I adamantly resisting the outsourcing of my children’s development to others and taking my role as a father and husband seriously and not allowing these duties to be deflected to someone else?

These same questions can be asked of how we are doing as neighbors, friends, community members, etc.


Duty to Ourselves

You have heard me say many times that it all starts with me and you as individuals.

We should defend the truth, and the only way we can do that is if we are putting in the work of developing us as individuals.

-Are we striving to be 100% honest in all that we do?

-Are we being accountable for our actions?

-Are we evaluating weakness inside of ourselves and getting to work on those areas.

If we are strong, we can build others.

If we have interal freedom, it can then be extended outward!

As we see the decay in our society, we must turn to ourselves first.

This is what the “We” in We the People really means.

If WE want to be what our country needs, WE must first be strong individually and in our families.

Thanks for reading,
Darron Rowley
Found of Freedom Elements

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