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Are You Prepared for What's Coming?

The headlines are crowded with chaos.

We are seeing dire warnings in everything from: war, food shortages, supply chain failures, currency collapse, and a great reset.

These issues make preparation a necessary challenge and deserve careful consideration.

How prepared are we for the issues that are headed our way?


A few items we should give earnest thought to:

Food Shortages: Have we built up our food storage? Do we have a reserve of the necessities? Are you learning how to grow your own food?

Deferred Maintenance: Are there items such as your home or auto that have issues that need attention?

Financially: Do we have 3-6 months of savings? Have we paid down what debt we can? Do we have some cash on hand – perhaps even some gold or silver?

Health: Are we taking care of ourselves physically? Are there any issues we need to get looked at while we can?

Family: Have we stocked up on items that will be needed for your kids or family in the coming year? Even simple things like buying a few gifts for important occasions.  

Spiritually: Do we have our spiritual house in order? Is our faith sufficient for the coming trials?


I understand there are financially constraints for each of these questions. Pick the areas that are most vital and start there.


As the world continues to unravel, now is the time to prepare. If there are things you have neglected, have them looked at while there are still supplies and resources.

This is not a full-on call for a doom-and-gloom scenario, but the projections are that these issues will get much worse before they get better.


The time to get ready is before society as a whole knows what is coming. And, it is important you do your best to help prepare those around you.

Perhaps these issues do not come to fruition – honestly, I would be surprised if they don’t – but if they don’t, than the worst thing we have done is get prepared for nothing.

Then again, when was the last time you remember hearing someone say they regretted being too prepared?

True confidence and freedom comes when we have our house in order - as we can then live in confidence knowing we have done our best to prepare.



Thanks for reading,

Darron Rowley

Founder of Freedom Elements

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