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Courage Hoodie Launch

Hello Patriots,

Without COURAGE, what do we have?

A few months ago, we launched this courage design in a t-shirt, and it was very well received. 

We have had MANY in the community request it in a hoodie - and we listened. 

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The message behind this design:

What does it really mean to have courage? The fight to develop courage is something that takes place inside each of us.

This battle is not an easy one, but it is necessary. We all have something that terrifies us – even if we are unwilling to admit it.

Courage is developed as we face and conquer those fears. Without developing courage, we are destined to live below our capabilities – we are compromising!

It is that process of overcoming those struggles inside that truly makes us stronger.


As we conquer our inner fear, we find that we must then stand for truth outside of ourselves. This is just as hard as the inner struggle we face.

All around us we are seeing our Freedom eroding. We are struggling to get back the Freedoms we lost during the virus.

We are seeing our kids being corrupted by evil ideologies inside our schools. And yet, we are seeing very few who are willing to stand – at least openly.

The time for us to be courageous is now.

It is not enough that we just hold strong beliefs. Those beliefs need action.

Without action they are just beliefs.

We hope this design will be that necessary spark inside each of you. As we wear this hoodie, we am committing ourselves to do more to stand for truth.

We place that same challenge before you.

As we demonstrate that courage to stand, we are liberated by knowing that we did our part to stand for the cause of Freedom.

Let us remember: Courage not Compromise

As always, thank you for your continued support Freedom Elements.

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