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Do You Have a Mindset of Abundance?

Hello Patriots, 

A few weeks ago we started a series about mindset. 

Today I want to share the first principle from that series - which is:

Do You Have Mindset of Abundance?

I have been fortunate in my life to have never experienced poverty - other than a few years as a poor college student.

I have, however, seen it first-hand and am very sympathetic to its difficulties. 

One thing I know for certain is that there exists a very different belief system between those who abide in poverty and those who have risen out of it. 

What it ultimately comes down to is mindset, and to be more specific the mindset of abundance and scarcity.

These two mindsets are as different as day is from night. 

The encouraging thing is that I have also seen people change their views and move from scarcity to abundance. 


The main difference in these two mindsets really comes down to outlook.

Those who think abundantly are optimistic and have a belief system of hope.

Those who suffer from the scarcity mindset are pessimistic and hopeless. 

We see the scarcity mindset at work with people who either hate their jobs, or are miserable because they are underpaid.

Both of these result in misery and discontent. 


So why do people stay at jobs they don’t like?

Because of scarcity Mindset!

They either don’t believe there is anything better, or they don’t think they deserve more - and both limit their potential for growth.

Many people fall into the latter category, and they may be right.

Maybe they don’t deserve to get paid more money. 

That’s a hard truth, but it is a reality.

It also doesn’t have to remain true!


Where scarcity really takes over is when you believe you can’t improve your worth (what you get paid) by developing new skills.

The truth is when you provide more value, you will get paid more money - unless you work for a poorly run company.

Scarcity mindset has also trapped many people who are in debt and made them believe they are permanently stuck.

This is simply not true. 

When abundance takes over you realize there are many ways to get out of debt. You can focus your efforts at gaining skills that will help you make more money. 

You can cut unnecessary expenses that are not adding value to your life.

You can invest in yourself.  


Scarcity grows from the seed of fear.

For most of us, this is what really prevents growth.

We fear rejection, we fear failure, and we believe we have nothing to add. 

How many people have decided not to start that business because they didn’t believe in themselves?

This is called Imposter Syndrome.

It is the belief that you have nothing important to add and as a result you accept that you have no business playing in the same arena as those who are out living their dreams.


As a result, we sit on the sidelines and cheer on those who are willing to do it.

We become spectators in their story instead of creating our own - which is tragic. 

This principle of scarcity and abundance applies to every area, not just money.


A great example of this is the 4-minute-mile.

Back in 1954, Roger Bannister was the first person to ever run a full mile in less than four minutes. Prior to his achievement, it was accepted as impossible.

This is scarcity thinking. Why did everyone say it was impossible?

Because it hadn’t been done.

Well, along comes Roger Bannister to prove you are only limited by your thinking.

It only took 46 days after Roger broke the 4-minute-mile for the next person to do it. This time it was even faster than Roger.

Since this feat was accomplished, and the mindset barrier removed, over 1400+ athletes have now run a 4-minute-mile.

Think about that. It took only one person to show the world it could be done, and that one person was Roger Bannister.


There are millions of examples of this same thing happening throughout history.

And yet, we struggle to believe we can’t get a better job, create a meaningful family, retire wealthy, start a business, lose weight, etc.

It’s only true if we believe it and accept it.

If you are thinking this way, it is time to stop!

Anyone who has reached lofty heights – if they are being honest – will admit they had to overcome fear. You are not unique; everyone has felt it. 

The more important question is: are you going to proceed despite those fears?


The answer to this will determine who and what you become.

I hope you will choose to proceed.  

It is time to abandon any scarcity mindsets you have that are holding you back.

There are abundant opportunities and the world can benefit from what you have to add – but only if you believe it. 

You have to get over whatever your version of the 4-minute-mile is.

Chances are you have already isolated exactly what that is over the course of this chapter.

The key to making a difference is by first removing the mental barrier of scarcity and to start believing in abundance.

This means believing you can accomplish great things even if someone hasn’t done it before – or even if it is just something you haven’t done before. 

Once you believe this, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

The next topic in this series will discuss how you can work towards this abundance mindset.


Thanks for reading, 
Darron Rowley

Founder of Freedom Elements

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