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Silhouette of Abigail Adams on Parchment

Men Ought Not To Do

From a correspondence between John and Abigail Adams, comes this gem:

When men know not what to do; they ought not do, they know not what.


Have you ever felt that way?

Life is made of the things we should do and the things we should not do – both are not always readily apparent.

Both are going to have significant impacts on who and what we become, so we need to have clarity in these areas.


The challenge is that clarity is not always easy. So, what do we do?

I have found that one vital habit must be seeking inspiration daily.

Life is busy, and if we do not take time to reflect, we will make decisions by default.

This is a dangerous way to go about it. We really need to be more intentional than that.

Mediocre decisions making will lead to less than mediocre outcomes - and usually much less. 

Taking time each day to reflect, seek inspiration, pray, read good material, etc. will help us to make intentional decisions.

This is exactly how our founders went about it.

Most things can be sorted out – both what we should and should be doing – if we are intently seeking it.

Let’s be intentional and not live our lives with default decisions.

Thanks for reading, 
Darron Rowley
Founder of Freedom Elements

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