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Money and Mindset

Money and Mindset

Hello Patriots, 

One of the biggest misconceptions about money is that it has the ability to control you.

The problem with this notion is that you are giving up your power to an object.

Money doesn’t have the power to do anything.

This is very important to understand if this mindset is going to have an impact on you.

What does have power; however, is what people do with their money.

You also familiar with the quote: money is the root of all evil.

Again, this takes personal responsibility off of the individual and places it on something - or someone else.

When we are willing to shift responsibility, we are surrendering our ability to grow as an individual.

So, what the saying should say is, “acting poorly in regard to money, is the root of all evil.”

Or, “when people desire money over morality, evil is inevitable.”

Or, “negligence towards money can lead to evil.”

You can word it any way you want, but once you accept that it is your behavior towards money that creates good or bad in your life, then you are on track to make a difference with your life and finances.

I love the concept of money and personal development, and how they work together.

When one truly understands how much progress can be made in life just by adhering to sound financial principles, it is amazing what can be done.

I will give you two examples out of many.

First, when you look at financial mismanagement, what you really see is bad habits.

For example, when someone is over spending by eating it, the real problem is the absence of good health habits.

The error most people make is that they try to set a budget that keeps them from eating out.

The problem is that you are not attacking the real issue.

What really needs to happen – at least in this particular situation – is health related.

Set a goal for eating better. Start exercising.

Focus on your health and as you do, your eating out will slowly begin to improve – and as a result, your finances will improve.

Budgeting is the biggest fallacy of personal finance - I know that is very unconventional.

Most people think it is the starting place, but in reality it is a band-aid that doesn’t solve the real underlying issues.

Going back to our example.When you focus on your health, you are becoming a stronger person.

Your mindset is growing.

This is a more powerful agent of change than trying to force yourself not to spend money by imposing a budget.

The growth that comes from improving yourself will give you the confidence and momentum to make meaningful progress with your finances.

In this way you have made personal development a keystone of your money.

The second example is income growth.

Find me someone who is growing in every aspect of their lives that isn’t also making more money.

When it comes to income growth, it is human nature to want to take the easier path.

We may go into our boss’ office and sheepishly ask for more money.

And if we haven't taken steps to show our value to the company, this request will likely be met with resistance.

We are leaving our income to the fate of another person.

What should we be doing instead?

Improving our mindset and growing as a person so that a raise is inevitable and deserved.

In my opinion, we are much too passive when it comes to our income growth.

The truth is, increasing income should be our number one focus when it comes to money.

It is how we make substantial progress.

After all, there is only so much money we can cut out of a budget.

If you want to make more money, focus on making yourself more valuable.

If your employer doesn’t respond to that, find one that will.

I have an employee at my business who started with our company 4-5 months ago.

He had zero experience in the industry.

What he did have though was a willingness to learn and a great work ethic.

He is now making equal to some of the individuals who have been there for years.

Why? Because he is worth paying more.

A good employer (emphasis on good) won’t care how long you have been there, they will care how much value you bring.

For this reason, focusing on mindset and personal development has major impacts on income growth.

If you lack skills, start developing them.

If you are stagnant, time to reevaluate the path you are on.

Take control of your income growth by taking control of your own development.

Test it out.

Go to your employer and offer to take on more responsibility. Let them know of your willingness to learn and grow. You will likely be surprised by their response.


Another aspect of mindset/personal growth as it relates to income is entrepreneurialism.

I can think of few things – related to money – that are more refining and developing than owning your own business.

The growth that comes from this endeavor is unparalleled - in my opinion.

The focus you must have on time management, personal sacrifice, and knowledge acquisition brings a lot of personal growth.

When you first start out, you have to fill many roles inside your business – which requires learning many unknowns.

There is massive growth that comes from this process.

Not everyone is cut out for owning a business, and that’s okay.

Whatever your pursuit, the development and mindset progress that comes from growing your income is hugely valuable.

It’s hard to grow your income without growing who you are, and it’s hard to grow who you are without growing your income.

They work together.


These are just a few examples of money and mindset.

The main point I want you to take form this, is that if money is just about money you are going to come up short.

Money really should be about developing who you are, and if you make that your focus, chances are you are going to find great success.

Focus inward and watch how quickly your money situation improves.

Make your personal development the center of your financial attention.


Thanks for reading, 
Darron Rowley

Founder of Freedom Elements

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