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The Truth Doesn't Mind Questioning

The Truth Doesn't Mind Questioning

Hello Patriots,

Just a quick thought for today.

I shared this quote on Instagram this week (if you’re not following us there you should be @freedom_elements).


Here is the quote:

“The truth does not mind being questioned. A lie does not like being challenged.”

I have thought about this quite a bit over the last couple days.

When broken down, this quote has impact at every level of life.

On a personal level, are we upset when we are questioned by ourselves or those that are closest to us?

If so, maybe we are not as confident in that “truth” of what we are doing or saying as we should be.

If we are living by true concepts, and in a way that we “know” to be right, there is no need take offense by being challenged or questioned.

If we take offense, that is a great opportunity to reflect on our position to determine if there is some untruth there.

On a much larger scale, we see heavy censoring of information all around us.

One must ask themselves, if they are confident in the truth, why are they censoring information?

We should be skeptical when we see our government, news agencies, or schools who take offense to questioning.

This should be a clear sign that there is untruth being taught.



We would all be well served to understand this principle and apply it in our lives.

Truth is such a powerful force for good.

If we are rooted in truth, there will be no need to take offense.

And we should pay close attention to those who do take offense so we can understand why.


Thanks for reading, 
Darron Rowley

Founder of Freedom Elements

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