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They are Distracting You for a Reason

These past few weeks have been interesting, haven’t they?

Just when you could finally feel the optimism returning as Covid was quickly fading; BOOM, we get hit with another ‘crisis.’

This post is not about my personal opinions on the Ukraine conflict, but rather my plea that we think critically about what we are seeing.


One thing that is hard to ignore, is just how quickly we forgot about Covid. Employers who were threating to fire employees who didn’t get vaccinated could now care less about masks or vaccination status.

Politicians who were participating in theatre by quickly putting on mask befor going on camera, were not required to wear them at the State of the Union.

Testing sites that were bustling for the past two years seemingly disappeared without warning.

It’s almost as if the Covid circus packed up in the middle of the night and left town, and no one even noticed.


Distraction is key in politics. If they have a problem over (think massive inflation, stock market bubble, vaccine side effects, etc.) that they don’t want to, or can’t effectively deal with; all they have to do is distract the public.

Along comes Ukraine and Russia. Now, this conflict has been festering for some time, but the escalation should give you pause.

What should also make you wonder, is how the media pivoted so quickly to the next issue. Why? How are they so conveniently united in their focus? What are they trying to sell us?

These questions should make you wonder their motives.

Again, I am not taking a particular side of this issue. I understand there are bad things going on in Ukraine. One of my employees who is from Ukraine, and still has family there has brought me up to speed on some of the atrocities happening there – and it is greatly concerning.      

But, there is a difference between the pain that is being experienced by the citizens there, and who the culprits are that brought us to this point.


Why are they doing what they are doing is something we must question. 


My plea is that we need to come to conclusions ourselves before we accept every single narrative we are fed. This is sound practice for any aspect of life.

Critical thinking has been replaced with herd mentality over the past few years, and we are seeing that intensify now.

I can respect the viewpoint of someone who has researched a topic and drawn their own conclusions – even if they are different than mine. What I struggle with, is respecting someone who has accepted socialized thought without any of their own analysis.

This approach is dangerous because it causes us to accept and participate in whatever narrative is being given by the powers that be. This gives them full control over us – which ultimately takes away important freedoms we enjoy.


If we want to further freedom and its cause, we must learn to think for ourselves.

Let us not be lazy in our understanding and search for truth as it really is – opposed to accepting their manufactured ‘truth.’  

The distraction is intentional, it is our duty to understand why they are doing it.


Thanks for reading,

Darron Rowley

Founder of Freedom Elements

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