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They are Trying to Steal OUR Culture

They are Trying to Steal OUR Culture

Hello Patriots,


The ability to create culture is such an important part of having an influence on where our country is going.

This is an area that we have struggled with as conservatives.

It feels like we try to desperately preserve what little bit of culture we have - but without any real attempt to create more of it.

This is something we need to be better at – and isn’t the main topic for this post but it is something I will address in coming weeks.


If They Don’t Like it, They’ll Steal it

Recently I saw a video of AOC (Democrat from NY) where she was sitting with a group of drag queens.

During this conversation she was telling them how brave they are and how important what they are doing really is.

At the end of the clip she attempted to steal culture – she called them Patriots.

The term Patriot has long been used to describe individuals who support and fight for freedom.

It holds a sacred place in our culture as is spans back to the American Revolution.

It is a name that is hated by anyone who despises the idea of freedom and independence - which is why it was so shocking that she sould use it, she hates the term.

I don’t think her use of it was sincere, I believe it was deliberate deception.


So, Why are They Using It?

The love of freedom is hard to distinguish – especially once it is rooted in someone’s heart.

The flag, Independence Day, the word Patriot, etc.; they all have strong ties to American Conservatism.

Despite years of effort to try to destroy that culture, they have been unsuccessful.

So, why not just try to steal it and change its meaning?

That is what I believe they are trying to do!

If they can pervert it by its improper use, they are hoping we will abandon it completely.


What We Really Need to be Doing!

The time for being passive is over.

We must double down on our effort to not only preserve the culture we love, but create more of it.

Whether it is through arts, music, terminology, etc. we must create the culture we want to see for our posterity.

We cannot sit back and let everyone else create it on our behalf. If we do, we shouldn’t be surprised when it looks different than we hoped it would.

As an apparel company, this IS the true purpose of Freedom Elements. We are doing our best to define, create, and preserve culture that is based upon true principles - especially that of freedom and building the individual patriot.

Our shirt designs and the messaging they contain - creating and maintaining culture.

This newsletter - creating and maintaining culture.

Everything we are trying to do is to preserve and strengthen those pieces of culture that we believe are vital for freedom to prosper.

We thank you for your support in what we are trying to build!

We cannot let them hijack what we hold dear. We have to double-down on the use of and promotion of our culture of Freedom and Patriotism!

We can’t roll over and let me take what we hold dear.


Thanks for reading,
Darron Rowley

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