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To Common Lies of our Day

Hello Patriots, 

I have been troubled over the last couple weeks by two lies that are repeatedly being told to us.

The two lies I am referencing are:


  1. If you disagree with someone, then you fear or hate that person.
  2. To love someone, you must agree with everything they do or say.

Both of these lies are perversions of the truth – just with a slightly different twist.

In almost any other time, such thinking would be laughable and rejected.


God loves us despite our weakness

When trying to argue their point, it is not uncommon to hear, “but God loves everyone and so should we.”

That is true, God does and so should we.

But, where does it say that God accepts the actions and beliefs of all of His children – regardless if they are contrary to His command or not?

I believe the beauty in God’s love comes from how unconditional it is.

I also believe, that he shows me – as one of His children – His love by teaching truth and correcting my behavior when necessary.

As a parent, if I see my kids doing something that is going to harm their progress, you better believe I am going to do my best to correct that behavior by teaching truth.

To me, that is the ultimate display of love.

I would do the same thing for anyone I care about.

Conversely, allowing them to accept false truth is an act of negligence and indifference.

I often tell my kids when teaching them these truths, “if I didn’t care about you, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

Just as we will often stray from God’s will, so will our kids.

Agency is an important part of our growth and progress.

This is where love comes in.

You can love someone and disagree with their beliefs and actions – just as God does for us.

It is a corruption of that important truth to limit God and our ourselves by saying that we must agree completely to have love for others.


Intentionally Destroying Individuality

Another dangerous aspect of this belief is that those who push this agenda are really trying to kill individualism.

As a pretense, they state that we must be “accepting of everyone,” and if we don’t than we hate that person.

By its very nature, this statement or belief is contradictory.

To truly be accepting of everyone, we must learn to love regardless of differences - not become that person and adopt their beliefs.

I feel very strongly that the main purpose of this life is to progress.

We are trying to learn self-control, overcome weakness, be better parents and friends, educate ourselves, get stronger physically, etc.

The idea that we must adopt the ideas of others and become who and what they are, is the antheses of personal progress and development.

If I am required to do anything, then I lose out on the growth that comes from learning how to accept and love others – especially in differences.

Force or bullying someone to adopt our beliefs does not get us to a desirable destination. 


Pawns in Their Game

Those who desire to orchestrate such mistruths are anything but sincere.

They are social justice warriors akin to sheep in wolves clothing.

The sad truth is that so many are deceived.

We see this inside minority communities, LGBTQ, religious denominations, etc.

The seed has been planted that these groups are mistreated and outcast.

I believe that when they are saying this, they cause the separation that they claim to want to bridge.

I firmly believe that Americans by their very nature are good hearted and loving.

Yes, there are exceptions, but those are exactly that – exceptions.

Most of us can see injustices when they are present – and most of us want to do our part to fix those issues.

But when manipulation sets in, you see ordinary and good people put up their defenses.

We can sense when something is not sincere and these two mistruths are anything but sincere.



It is okay to disagree with someone – in fact it is healthy.

Find me a healthy marriage where the two individuals agree on everything.

If there is one, there is likely manipulation.

One of my greatest friendships comes from someone who we agree on many things – and disagree on many others.

I learn from him, and I hope he learns from me.

But at the end of the day, we respect each other and have a strong bond.

We must reject the idea that love comes from complete acceptance.

Real love comes when you are willing to speak hard truths or share opinions, and still love the individual you disagree with.

Our society would be well suited to accept the differences we all have and learn to care for one another.

This approach fosters personal growth opposed to destroying it.

I cannot accept compulsion as a suitable solution.

I believe that goes against the very reason we are here in the first place – which is to grow and develop Godlike attributes.

Let’s focus on real change and not compulsory feel-good actions.

There is a better way to unite and that is to learn to love and respect others despite our differences. 


Thanks for reading, 
Darron Rowley

Founder of Freedom Elements

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