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Understanding Lady Justice

Hello Patriots, 

 This week I was listening to the radio as they were discussing Lady Justice.

 That is a fitting topic after a week where we saw such a high-profile court case.

 After hearing this, I wanted to study more about Lady Justice and the symbolism of her.


What is Lady Justice's Symbolism?

Lady Justice can be found in courthouses all across America, but have you ever wondered what she stands for?

The origin dates back to early Greek and Egyptian times.

Her representation comes from the Roman goddess Justitia.


Lady Justice


There are 6 main points of symbolism I want to discuss here – although there are likely more.



The blindfold represents impartiality and objectivity. 

 This is a key tenant for our justice system – and no doubt a reason why she is wearing a blindfold in most depictions.

 This represents the need to judge based upon the facts alone and not: appearance, wealth or poverty, good or evil, weak or strong.

 In this day of social media, ease of news access, and political correctness; there are concerns about how unbiased the justice system can be with those outside influences.

 When external pressure to reach a certain conclusion is exerted, there is danger that justice will be influenced.

 Justice must be blind for it to be fair.

 Only the facts must prevail.



The scales represent weighing facts and evidence.

 That scale should tip in favor of truth based upon what has been presented.

 The scale, combined with the blindfold, reiterates how important impartiality must be.

 Facts and evidence must be used when placing judgement to make sure that justice is served for all.



The sword represents justice and how its authority can be definite, swift, powerful, and final.

This is the case for both punishment and vindication.

 It is purposely held below the scales to represent that judgement comes after all evidence and facts have been weighted.

This sword brings consolation to both the innocent and those who have been harmed.

 It is also double-edged, meaning it can be used to both save and condemn the accused.


The Serpent

The serpent, from the beginning of creation, has been used to represent evil.

 Lady Justice is seen standing on that serpent.

 This is powerful symbolism for mankind’s ability to destroy and overcome evil – showing us that justice triumphs injustice.


The Book

The book is how the law is administered and upheld – it represents the constitution.

Many believe it can also represent the natural law that flows from God.

 In this sense, the book can also represent His word coming by way of scripture.



Justice is central to the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

Undoubtedly, that system is under heavy attack.

Influence based upon political correctness or the court of public opinion are being deployed heavily at every turn.

But Justice must be protected because it is what will guarantee we maintain the freedoms we now have.

The challenge is to judge fairly and based upon facts only.

Even though emotion is in each of us, when we make decisions with it, the outcome can often be what ‘feels’ right opposed to what is right.

Let us stand with Lady Justice and hold fast to the truth of fair judgement for all.


Thank you for reading,
Darron Rowley

Founder of Freedom Elements

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