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What Does it Mean to be a Patriot?

Today we wanted to talk about what we have seen transpire over the last few weeks.

To do so, we want to talk about PATRIOTISM.

The word “Patriotism” is something we refer to often on this site.

We hear the word being thrown around as the new name of a political party.

But what does the word really mean?


What does it mean to be a Patriot?

To me, being a patriot means having a love for your country and its fellow citizens.

Admittedly, loving the fellow citizen part is not always easy – the past few months have definitely show us that.

The fact that there is so much division is proof that we have a lot of work to do.

But as patriots we have responsibilities.

We have to do our part to strengthen our country.

It starts with ourselves and our family, and then extends into our communities.

I am convinced that two individuals – if they are really trying and are being sincere – can find common ground to build upon.

It takes a willingness, and as patriots we have to be willing.


The Capitol Riots

I don’t believe the riots represent the ideals of most Patriots – or Americans.

I also understand there were likely antagonistic forces in play that day.

As constitutionalist we know that we have the right to petition our government - but that it must be done peaceably.

When it’s not, it hurts the cause of freedom – regardless of why it was done.

It’s not my place to judge the intentions of those individuals.

What I do know, is that many families will be ripped apart because of the involvement in those riots by one of its members.

Many people will go to prison because of it.

How can we strengthen ourselves, our families, and our communities in that way?

There are better ways to make change and we have to be committed to it.


What should we be doing?

First, we have to work on ourselves.

Take care of your physical and mental health, spirituality, social interactions, and finances.

If you want to lift others, you must first lift yourself.

Take time EVERY day to do this…

Second, build your families.

Make sure you are present inside your own home.

Being a beacon of strength, hope and optimism to those who reside there.

Teach your family about spiritual matters, patriotism, and spend valuable time together.

Third, serve in your community.

This can be something as simple as:

Helping your neighbor with a project.

Brining in their garbage cans for them.

A simple conversation to see how they are doing.

Take care of those around you and help build them up – even those you may disagree with.

As simple as this seems, it makes a big difference.

This is how you break down barriers of differing opinions.

It is hard to be upset with someone who is going out of their way to serve you.

It can be even harden when it feels like the other party isn't trying.

But that doesn't give us an excuse not to try.

Because at the end of the day, we must make decisions on what we know to be right and true.

Maybe you are the one who wants to be involved in politics.


Get involved and help make positive changes.

Start in your own community.



Our country is divided.

It won’t get better if we add fuel to that fire.

I am not saying I am perfect at this either.

I am also not saying we must back down from what we know to be true just to pacify another.

But I know I need to do better.

I have made it a goal to be more involved in my community.

I am doing more to reach out to and strengthen those who live by me.

 I am making a difference in my own home!

If you are involved in political gatherings, make sure it is peaceable.

I firmly believe that this community is what makes this country great.

We are law abiding citizens who love freedom.

Let’s make sure we are living in a way that those who may oppose our views cannot help but admit that we are great people who love our country.

We cannot put ourselves in a position where we are pulled into a situation where the law is being broken.

That will not help our cause.

That will destroy who we are and what we are trying to accomplish – which is building a country where everyone is free to pursue their happiness regardless of differences.

This is the country we want and should spend our time trying to develop.

Be the beacon of hope that your community needs!


Thanks for Reading.


Darron Rowley

Founder of 1911 Apparel

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