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What is Freedom?

What is Freedom?

Hello Patriots, 

Earlier this week we lauched our Freedom t-shirt.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk a bit more about how Freedom relates to all aspects of our lives.


Individual Freedom inside the U.S.

The importance of political Freedom is well known inside this community.

It's this freedom that the United States has had since its founding that has created such amazing prosperity.

As we have seen government control creep into our economy, schools, individual lives; we have also seen that prosperity begin to erode.

Nothing will create more value than an individual that has the freedom to choose their path forward.

This is where innovation comes from.

It’s that Freedom to choose which encompasses the American Dream.

We all understand the importance of that Freedom.


This idea of Freedom is also important on the micro level.

By micro I mean as it relates to individuals, families, and communities.

Let’s take a look at a few examples.


Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom is accomplished when we eliminate restraints as it relates to money.

This one is not easily obtained.

As we incur debt, that takes part of our freedom because future dollars are owned by our creditors.

Low income is also a constraint on financial freedom.

It prohibits us from being able to invest, buy luxuries, travel, etc.

As we increase our income, we start to see more Freedom as we are able to spend and invest according to our desires.

True financial Freedom is when we have assets that earn us adequate money regardless of how much we work.

This is the hardest to obtain, but as you work your way through your financial progress, you will begin to see your Freedom increase.


Freedom of Time

How do we obtain Freedom of time?

This one is tricky.

You often hear that people are busier when they retire than before.

I personally think being productively busy is a good thing.

Productive people – in my opinion – are usually more content.

The real goal with Freedom of time is being able to spend that time on the things you choose - it doesn't necessarily mean having nothing to do.

For me, I like to work hard so that I have more time with my family.

This is one reason I decided years ago to become self-employed.

While it has many demands on my time, I also have more Freedom to choose how my business is structured so I have time for the things I enjoy.

This concept very much ties in with Financial Freedom.

The better off our finances are, the more Freedom we have to choose: when, where, and how we spend our time.

Freedom of time can be a huge motivator in making progress with our money.


Physical Freedom

The older I have gotten (as I am sure you can relate) the more I have thought about this.

Physical Freedom refers to being able to do what we desire physically.

There is no doubt, regardless of how we eat or exercise, there are many things outside of our control physically.

I am sensitive to that and am referring to what we can control as we talk about this section.

The more closely we watch what we eat, as well as making sure we get routine exercise, the better our bodies will perform.

This gives us Freedom because we are more able to do the things we enjoy.

Whereas, if we have limitations physically, it prohibits some of these activities.

The more we do to manage our bodies, the more Freedom we will have physically.


Freedom from Addiction

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all struggle from some kind of addiction.

Some are just labeled more strictly by society than others - but they all hurt our personal Freedom.

There are obvious addictions that steal our Freedom.

Some are a little less obvious.

I don’t feel the need to point out the obvious ones here, I think we all know what they are.

One that is less obvious, and one that I have had to control myself, is the addiction of technology.

There are times when I find myself reaching impulsively for a phone.

It’s almost as if we get uncomfortable with a little bit of silence in our lives.

I have had to make a conscious effort to put the phone away and focus on my family, reading and reflection, outdoor activities, etc.

But that addiction to be on the phone does take part of our Freedom from us.

We are less able to choose how we spend our time with loved ones and are instead looking at social media.

I don’t think social media is bad, I have just personally felt like when it starts to take over, I know I am giving away some of my personal Freedom.

Whatever your struggle is – and we ALL have them – look at the areas in your life where addiction may be controlling you and find ways to take back that Freedom back.

It’s hard, but very fulfilling and rewarding!



I love the concept of Freedom!

This is why I am so drawn to patriotism.

The Freedom we enjoy because of our constitution is what allows us to enjoy the other Freedoms referenced above.

We have to protect that core Freedom that we have as American’s, because so much of our other Freedom depends upon it.

I believe Freedom is a true principle that originates from God.

The Agency (Freedom) we have is really the basis for personal development.

As we make mistakes, learn from them, and makes changes; we grow as individuals.

This growth increases our Freedom!

The goal should be to grow in such a way that having Freedom is the basis for how we make decisions.

Whatever it is that is important to you, gain the Freedom necessary to allow you to focus your energy on those things.

For me, my main goal is to gain Freedom so I have a relationship with God and am able to spend as much time as possible with my family and loved ones.

Whatever it is that inspires you, gain the Freedom necessary to do it!  


Thanks for reading, 
Darron Rowley

Founder of Freedom Elements

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