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A Voice of Warning

A Voice of Warning

The world is in chaos...

Our financial system is falling apart…

Our border is being infiltrated…

War is breaking out across the world…

Our country is divided…

They are attacking the family unit from every angle…

We are in a recession…

Spiritual decay is rampant…

Seemingly, it feels like it is all falling apart – which is exactly how they want you to feel.


My message today is that there is hope and a way that we can prepare ourselves for what is coming.

The answer is found in following correct principles - but it is also going to require the very best of what we have to offer.

Here is my conviction of what we must be doing right now:



We need God. There is no other answer or place to start. Without the Divine Hand of Providence, we will not survive the storm that is upon us.

If we desire His guidance, it starts with making change.

We must be willing to give up WHATEVER It is in our lives that is driving away His Spirit and Influence.

We must bring out actions in line with His will. We must reconcile ourselves to Him.

This is absolutely the most important step. If we want a strong foundation, it must be built upon His truth.

We need spiritual strength and fortitude.



We must have our finances in order. Those who seek to destroy us are using money as a way to control the masses.

If you are indebted, get out. If you have no emergency savings, get it in place. Focus on increasing your value so you can secure and grow your income.

An indebted society is an enslaved society and will be easily controlled. Get your finances where they need to be.



What is coming will require emotional strength and control. They are going to (already are but it will intensify) throw everything at us.

Think back to Covid. Remember the emotional toll it took on so many?

We need to have our emotions in check. This will require us to: know our belief system, understand our weak tendencies, use our emotions correctly, know what outcome we desire, and be committed to making decisions that align with our principles.



Is your body disciplined in such a way that you are in control of its desires?

This area is three-fold:

Are we taking care of our health to eliminate whatever sickness we can?

Are we building strength so that we can defend ourselves if necessary?

Are we avoiding addictive behaviors?

Our bodies are the driving force behind nearly everything that we do. We must be putting proper care into our vessels - because if our health is failing it will impact everything that we do.



Are we strengthening our minds?

This requires us to align ourselves with truth-based principles. If we are filling our minds with untruth, no level of mental preparedness will be of any value.

Read good books. Follow insightful individuals. Learn correct principles. Grow your capacity to learn and understand important information.  




We have two options – at least in mind.

We can build who we are, or we can go into what is ahead of us weak and unprepared.

I really don’t think there are any other options.

Getting prepared won’t help us avoid the storm, but it will give us the fortitude to weather it.

Think of two homes:

One built upon a weak foundation (or even no foundation at all);

And the other home built upon a correctly fortified foundation.

Which home do you want to be dwelling in when the storm is raging outside?

One will withstand and the other won’t – you choose.

The time is short, we must get going.

I do have hope, that with God’s help, and our care for each of these areas, we WILL be fortified.

We will be able to endure what is ahead of us.

But, we must do our part – and time is of the essence.

I am confident that if we give proper care to these 5 areas we just discussed, we will have the foundation in place to strengthen ourselves, our families, and our communities.


It's NEVER too late to get started!


Hit reply to this email if I can help in any way. If you are struggling with an area and need some guidance, I am more than happy to offer whatever insight I can.

God Bless,
Darron Rowley
Founder of Freedom Elements

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