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God Has Already won the war coin alludes to our need to trust in him it is a quarter with words "In God We Trust."

God Has Already Won

What if you were the betting type and knew who was going to win every major sporting event over the next 10 years?

Can you imagine the money you could make?

What if you knew the next “Amazon” or what the stock market was going to do day-by-day for the next 10 years?

Can you imagine the wealth you would have?

How would knowing this information cause you to act differently with your money?

While those things may be fun to think about from time to time, the reality is that it’s futile because there is no way to know.

For those who have ever trained for a physical event, how would knowing the outcome or your exact performance ahead of time help you better train?

What if you knew exactly what was going to happen prior to the event like an injury, cramps, weakness in your training, how your competition will perform, etc.

Knowing the result would help immensely.

Or would it?


God Has Already Won

I believe there is a result that we already have the outcome to.

While it’s not sports, stock market, or even a physical event, it is of much greater magnitude.

There is a war that is taking place. This war is between good and evil.

There will also be a Victor – or rather, there already has been One. (Notice the purposeful use of capitalization in this sentence)

I believe this war has already been won. The score is already settled. We already know the outcome.

Because God is a God of truth and righteousness, He has already conquered evil. He did that through his Son Jesus Christ.

Now, if this seems like preaching that’s okay, it probably is.

This message is for me, and I hope you will find some value in it as well.

I feel the truth of this message as strongly as I feel anything in my life.

I can feel it at my very core.

The battle is real.

The outcome is secured.

There is only one question of importance that we must be asking ourselves and it is this:

Which side have you chosen?

If you haven’t chosen a side, by default you have chosen – and it’s not the correct or winning side.

Indecision in this matter will not center us where we need to be.


Which Side are You On?

Think about the choices you would make if you had perfect knowledge beforehand as it relates to making money.

If you knew that one single investment of $1,000 in the stock market was going to make you 1 million dollars, you would do whatever required to get the money to invest?

In fact, you would secure a lot more than just the $1,000, wouldn’t you?

God has promised us all that He has if we are faithful – and it’s more than we could ever imagine.

And we know He wins in the end.

The question is, have we picked His side? Are we going all in?

Are we doing whatever it takes to come up with what he requires – which is faithfulness – to get that reward?

Are we doing as much for Him as we do to seek return or rewards in other areas of our lives?

I know I can do better.  


He Doesn’t Require Perfection

Now, before we get down on ourselves for our faults and imperfections, I want to make something absolutely clear.

God does not require perfection from us right now.

I am convinced God can work mighty miracles through anyone who is willing to pick His side.

He can use ANYONE who is willing – regardless of imperfections.

The adversary would have us believe we are terrible, unworthy, despised, dirty; and every other form of lie he can conceive.

That is false. That untruth does not come from God.  

God saw enough value in us to send His Son to redeem us, and He did it because every soul matters.

Every Soul! Period.


Please, Choose God’s Side

The war is real. Darkness wants your soul. It wants to destroy your family.

But God has already won. He is just watching to see if YOU will pick HIM.

There is no battle, struggle, sin, weakness, insecurity, or anything else that you may be going through that He cannot help you overcome.

He is the answer – but we must choose to be on that winning side.

And why would we not want to be?

The time to get your house in order – spiritually, financially, physically, emotionally, relationship-wise – is today, as God needs warriors who are willing to stand.

You follow this newsletter because you love Freedom.

I am here to tell you, political freedom matters, but not nearly as much as the Freedom that God provides for those who follow Him.

And the political freedom we desire so much is contingent on our spiritual freedom and getting ourselves as a nation close to God.

It is my earnest pleading that you align yourself with Him. It is the only way we survive the struggles that are assuredly ahead.

And if you feel disconnected with God, now’s the time to work on that relationship. If I can help, I am just an email away.

Thank you for the example of courage that you are for me.

I gain strength from seeing your willingness to stand for Truth.

Pick the better side, the outcome is secured!


God bless you and your family,
Darron Rowley

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