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Old book representing history. How will history view your courage and stance you took to defend truth. Freedom Elements

How Will History Judge Your Actions

For a moment, consider how you view those who went before you. Maybe it’s our founders, religious figures, or even your ancestors.

Whoever it may be, what is your impression of them? Has history smiled well upon their convictions - or lack of them?

What sense of gratitude do you have for the bold sacrifices that they did or didn’t make?

For me, I often think about those soldiers who fought in the American Revolution. To me, that represented a very bold courage - especially in the face of such despair and uncertainty.

What if they hadn’t defended the cause of freedom?

What if they were indifferent?

What if they had given up?

What if they had chosen to stay subject to the crown?

I am grateful they held to their convictions. I have a great deal of respect for them.

What is your legacy? How will history view your contributions?

This is something that I consider often. I believe each of us has the power inside of us to have a long and lasting impact.

No matter what your contribution looks like - you may even view it as insignificant - what matters is the stance you take.

Did you stand for truth?

Did you cave to the pressures of a corrupt society?

Or will you rise above and stand for what is right and true? 

What will you choose?

I choose to leave a legacy that defended Truth and Freedom.

Darron Rowley
Founder of Freedom Elements

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