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The Casual Patriot

For far too long, I fit into this category of “The Casual Patriot.” Not because I didn’t appreciate freedom, but because I was inactive.

One of the biggest errors I believe we have made as patriots is not being actively engaged in preserving the freedom and truth we hold dear. Conversely, those who seek to destroy those things have been very active and intentional for quite some time.

It’s one thing to hold a particular belief, but it’s something entirely different to be involved in its defense - to actually be in the arena.

It’s vital that each of us are actively involved - we can't sit this one out. If you are already engaged, double down.

Put in the effort to develop who you are - it starts with us being strong individually if we want to have a significant impact outside of ourselves. This will look differently for everybody, but you know what it is you need to work on. I definitely know where I need to be stronger - and I’m committed to doing it!

It’s go time! Thank you for everything you are doing to help defend the cause of Freedom.

Darron Rowley
Founder of Freedom Elements

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