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Rich Men North of Richmond

Rich Men North of Richmond

As I am sure you have all heard, there is a new song by Oliver Anthony that is making a HUGE splash.

There are two things that are making this song resonate with so many – me included.

Let's Discuss it.

The name of the song: Rich Men North of Richmond.

I will post the link to YouTube video at the bottom of the post for those who haven’t heard the song.


People are Tired of Being Lied to

People are sick and tired of being treated like they are little children.

We are being lied to by the media, politicians, school boards, entertainment outlets, churches, etc.

The elites that desire control look at us as pheasants who bring nothing of value to the public square of discourse.

They don’t believe that we should have a vote.

The title of this popular song is a direct short at those in Washington DC - but really applies to every aspect of our society.

Americans just want to be left alone without having the ruling class control and manipulate every aspect of their lives.

This song does a wonderful job of taking aim at these dark and deceitful practices that are being perpetrated by those who lust after power and control.

It especially calls out the struggles of many and how these policies are destroying our country.

Oliver said what all of us are thinking and feeling - but just didn’t quite know how articulate.

The pot of our emotions and struggles is boiling over and this song hits that chord.


We Want it Real and Truthful

While not every line in this song resonates with me, the general tone certainly does.

It’s raw, it’s real, and I appreciate that.

This is why it is going hyper-viral.

After our experience with Covid, trust is not something that is being handed out freely anymore.

The lying, deceit, manipulation – everything associated with what we have seen over the last three years – has caused us to question traditional forms of leadership even inside places that once had our trust.

Sadly, even churches are now included in this lack of trust – and that is a huge problem.

People are struggling out there and they don’t feel like anyone in power cares.

While this is not new, it is getting exponentially worse.

It’s all about politics and control.

This song covers everything from: inflation stealing our wealth (“the dollar aint sh*t”), the heavy burden of taxes, suicide, alcoholism, people starving on the streets, being controlled, the toxic nature of working without ever getting ahead.

It says what so many of us are feeling.

People are not only fed up, but are extremely discouraged – or even worse, depressed and deflated.


Final Thoughts

As I watched a few clips from the Republican debate, it was quickly evident to me that it is just more of the same.

The answers were careful, scripted, and mostly fake.

They even played Oliver’s song and tried to spin it as a hit on liberalism and how they are the party of the “working man.”

This view on the debate is coming from someone who holds strong conservative beliefs, and unfortunately, none of it felt real.

This just shows how disconnected they ALL are.

The song is a hit on those who are in a position to make change but really only want power.

We are sick of sending money to wars when we have homelessness, addiction, suicide, etc. that is rampant in our own country.

And they just can’t quite seem to understand that.

We want change here!

This song is a referendum on ALL of them.

We want to be spoken to honestly and directly.

We don’t trust scripted answers and anyone who tries this approach loses our trust.

The way forward, if a politician wants to have the hearts of the American people, is by being real – that’s the only thing that will work.

This is why Trump won in 2016 and why he is leading now.

They were so out of touch, even after he won, they just couldn’t understand how it had happened.

Their lust for control wouldn’t allow them to see the message what was being sent.

You don’t have to like or agree with.

This is not an endorsement of Trump. This is just the reality.

The key to our future, if someone wants to have deep impact – ie…media, politicians, church leaders, school boards, etc. – they are going to have to be real and relatable.

No more scripted political answers.

As the song says, he’s an “old soul living in a new world.”

I know I feel that way, I long for the “olden” days when things felt more real. Life was much simpler.

When we could trust traditional sources of information.

You want our hearts?

It comes down to one thing.

We want REAL people who are willing to speak the TRUTH!

Nothing else will do!

Thank you, Anthony Oliver, for saying what so many of us are feeling.


Thanks for reading, 
Darron Rowley
Founder of Freedom Elements


Here is the video (click picture):

Oliver Anthony Rich Men North of Richmond

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