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Setting Brushfires of Freedom

Setting Brushfires of Freedom

“It does not take a majority to prevail…but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” Samuel Adams

This is where we are today. Back to where we started.

This quote is taken from one of the great minds from the founding of this country.

Samuel Adams was one of the original patriots. He deserves a great deal of credit for the freedoms we have today.

He set many “brushfires of freedom in the minds of men” which acted as a catalyst for the American Revolution.


We hold a similar role today as Samuel Adams did.

What are we doing to push the cause of freedom forward?

Do we understand the truth and are we doing our all to spread it?

While I do not even remotely consider myself akin to a Samuel Adams – or even a patriot of prominence or significance – the one thing I do have is a burning desire to spread the cause of freedom.

This is what this newsletter is about. The shirts help fund our mission, but what we share here is what I consider the heart of our business.


I have a simple ask from each of you if you’ll indulge me in it.

If you find value in this message, would you be willing to share it with 5 of your closest friends?

Here is a link that they can get signed up for this newsletter.

This newsletter is the best way I know how to set “brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”


I sincerely appreciate each of you and the support you have given us here at Freedom Elements.

It’s a tough world out there, evil is growing, and your support in helping push this message forward means more than you will ever know.

Thank you!


God Bless you and your family.

Your Brother in Freedom,
Darron Rowley

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